Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Dear Little Miss

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was staring out the window, anxious for you to arrive. I was nervous and didn’t know what we were doing, but I couldn’t wait to meet you.

After spending two months with you, I learned quickly that you are sweet, creative, silly, kind, generous, and you have just enough sass. You lite up our home in a brand new way. You brought laughter and joy into our lives. You taught us how to be first time foster parents.

We miss Friday pizza nights, family hugs, reading you bedtime stories, hearing all your crazy stories, learning all your dance moves, and hearing you sing songs that your five year old ears should have never heard.

We miss you constantly asking to swim and go to McDonald’s. We miss you wanting to watch the Power Ranger movie, everyday. We miss your sweet little laugh and your spicy comments.

You left much sooner than we thought. We were overjoyed that you got to go back with your family, because we knew your heart longed for that, but man do we still miss you. You changed us in just the two short months that you were with us.

Sweet little miss, please know how special and loved you are. There isn’t a week that goes by where we don’t talk about you, share a memory, or a laugh about something you did. There are nights I lay awake and think about you and pray that you are safe and well taken care of. We miss you and long to see you again someday. We hope you know how much we love you and how you’re always apart of our family. Jesus loves you even more than you could ever imagine or understand. I hope that you’re still learning about Him and all the great things He has for you and your sweet life.

You are such a special girl and you’ll always hold a special place in my heart. What I loved most about you was your genuine heart. You are going to do BIG things, baby girl!!

We love you, wherever you are today and you always have a home here with us! 😘


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